service model markets

USDL Marketplace The USDL Marketplace is a commercially attractive marketplace which contains a registry for USDL files.
    Public installations: none
Social Service Network Social Service Networks allow users to trade services with their contacts and to establish new contacts through their service trading activities. The Social Service Network build upon the ConQo registry and is hence suitable for both WSMO4IoS-described services and services with other descriptive artefacts.
Cloud Spotmarket The Spot Market for Cloud Resource Services (SMCRS) accelerates service trading for resource services in the cloud, for storage and computation. It relies on the corresponding WSMO4IoS concepts and their representation in WSML, SQL, XML and programming languages.
    Public installations: none
Membrane SOA Registry / Service-Repository This is a non-UDDI registry of WSDL-described web services which can be browsed and invoked through its web frontend. The availability of the services is checked by an integrated continous service monitoring.
Universal Description and Integration UDDI is one of the early directory service standards for web services. UDDI v3 has been specified in 2002-2004 by OASIS which also runs an online community site. Several implementations exist, including Apache jUDDI which is still maintained in 2012.